2006-01-11 General Updates -

Updated the site a little, mainly just the computer systems info as well as some tidying on some other pages that I have been putting off. I am going to try and make time to actually update the site logo to reflect the new domain, or come up with a different design. I am also going to try and find time to properly put up some content on www.packethacker.com and www.dirkadirkamohammedjihad.com

2004-08-30 New Domains -

Well, in an attempt to get a domain that is not on the RBL so that my email gets blocked by some email servers I have purchased two more domains. www.iwolfie.com and www.packethacker.com so stop by if you get a chance. There is no new content both of them just point here :P, but that should change shortly. www.iwolfie.com is going to take the place of this website, but www.packethacker.com should have new content up as soon as I get a chance.

2003-12-27 New website design -

Well, I have finally done it, I have redesigned my website, please tell me what you think.

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