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Okay don't get me wrong, I am not talking about malicious stuff, more as a curious nature trying to figure out how stuff works, or to get stuff to work. Of course I also hack to test things for work, since I'm in Information Security sometimes I have to see if our systems are vulnerable to certain attacks.


I am an amatuer code monkey. I actually used to get paid to write code, but that is another story and it was ADA and working for the DoD and well.....the rest is classified....just kidding. Anyway, I just code in Perl now and do so for work and for my own stuff as well. The stuff I write in my own time will be posted here since my employer would probably not appreciate me coding my stuff on their time, or posting the code I work on for them. You might find some nifty little programs and utilities laying around here so click the link below and check them out.


What can I say, but I am totally and utterly addicted to video games. I am one of those that think video games help develop reflexes and problem solving. I don't care what you think so don't even try to argue that point with me. Unfortunately I also am aware of the blackhole of time around gaming. Yes hours upon hours of time will disappear into the great gaming black hole for time. Well, with that said, you can follow the link below and check out the games I play, or am playing.

Current Computer Systems (in order of performance)

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